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Who is a JiveTransact agent?

A JiveTransact agent is an authorized independent retailer trained to provide JiveTransact services to customers. A JiveTransact agent is in direct contact with customers wherever they live and work.

For this reason, the most successful JiveTransact agents are likely to be people with existing businesses that are trusted in their communities and have a loyal customer base.

Role of a JiveTransact agent

The role of a JiveTransact Agent includes:

  • New customer registration
  • Providing JiveTransact customers with help
  • Selling Internet Bundles
  • Selling airtime
  • Processing Bills
  • Performing transactions on behalf of the customer
  • Processing cash withdrawal/payout requests
Benefits and earnings

As a JiveTransact agent you receive commissions, increased foot traffic to your existing business. In addition, your role as a JiveTransact agent gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses who offer the same goods and services that you do, as your store will become more of a one-stop shop.

Commission based earnings

JiveTransact agents receive a commission on every customer transaction they perform. For instance an agent earns 5% of any transaction made by him/her.

The more transactions carried out, the more money you will earn. This can result in a substantial new revenue stream.

Qualifications and setup

Every JiveTransact agent must have an internet enabled device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) in order to conduct financial transactions on behalf of customers. Upon approval as a JiveTransact agent, the prospective agent is expected to pay a one-time setup fee of ₦8,000.

Additional, interested candidates must email a scanned copy of the following documents; ID or equivalent (Driver’s license, National Id card, Int’l passport), proof of Address (Utility bills e.g. PHCN) and a passport photograph

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Sell Airtime / Account Top Up

Selling Airtime or Topping Up Account Via Recharge Card? You are at the right Spot. Upon Submission, Recharge Card (Airtime) Would be Processed and Account, Credited. Need Cash? After Submission, REQUEST FOR PAYOUT: CLICK HERE

Airtime to Cash Conversion performed by our Payment Institution is instant but conversion fee is 20% of the amount. Airtime to Cash Conversion performed by JiveTransact Merchant could take up to 20 days, no conversion fee.