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The practice of the herbal medicine dated to ever earliest period of known human history. There is evidence of herb having been use in the treatment of diseases and for revitalizing body system in almost ancient civilization-the Indian, the Egyptian, the Chinese and the Greek and roman civilizations, plants were the main stay of medicine and credited with mystical and almost supernatural power of healing. So much so that Britain herbs becomes a focus of superstitions.

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Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun.

1. IMMUNE PLUS: is another excellent herbs that is of immense value in the maintenance of health the herbs here provides vital alkalizing for hyper acidity it tend to control the flow of hydrochloric acid, aiding the action of the gastric enzymes, the herbs help to settle disturbed stomach after a rich meal.

2. H.B.P CARE: This is another herbal preparation that is good effective against high blood pressure. It is highly effective in palpitation of the heart and cardiac weakness this drugs can give you option lower your blood pressure on nasty side effect.

3. AMAZING CAPSULE: This is another excellent herbal preparation that is against bacterial infection, it’s also boosting the immune systems, against any forms of infection. It protected and builds fresh blood cells and also supports liver detoxification. It kills Bacterial that cause low sperm modility & weak erection. Another good thing about the drug is also Antidiophorectic, Aptrodisiac and Spermatorrhoea.

4. LADIES MANTLE: This another quality herbal preparation that normalizes female reproductive system, the herb here is beneficial in painful and difficult menstruation, and for regulating the menstrual periods. Another good thing about the drugs is that it restores back the menstrual circle, stop abdominal pain, help infertility, the drug works as antispasmodics.

5. K & B FORMULAR: is another excellent herbal product that is mainly for kidney and bladder and genitourinary disoroder. According to Dr. R.D. Pope, the combination of herbs here are mainly for kidney stone and bladder, also great assistance in the calculi of the kidney and bladder albuminuria, Nephritis and other kidney trouble. It also helps to make the liver and the gall bladder normal, and kills the bacteria that cause kidney failure and kidney stone.

6. PROSTAL PLUS: This is a quality herbal preparation for the inflammation of the prostate gland and urinary bladder. It is diuretic combination of herbs that works as Anit-inflammatory agents in your body and block the transformation of testosterone (DTN) and thus shrinking enlarged prostate and difficult urination

7. BITTER CLEANSER: is another excellent herbal preparation that attack the bacteria that lives in the immune systems, urinary Bladder, blood cells and also large & small intestine the herbs boost immune systems, against any forms of stubborn bacterial infection such as STD, Staphylococcus, irus, icoli, and this wonderful herbs clear away the bacteria that attack sexual life in both couples.

8. STOMACH ULCER CURE: is a quality herby formular that is effective against, gastric, and peptic and duodenal ulcer. An ulcer is an erosion in the living of the stomach or duodenum (the duodenum is first part of the small intestines which connects to the stomach) an ulcer was though to be cause by an imbalance between acid and peptic secretion and defence factors such and bicarbonate secretion and gastric mucosal, barrier.


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